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It’s what DjTj Says and that’s final! These are my thoughts and feelings. Writing is therapeutic and sometimes the only way to get something out. I don’t mind sharing these thoughts with the world, but I must warn you… sometimes the truth can hurt. So if you’re a bit on the sensitive side you might wanna look at the topic first and decide if you wanna read any further. If not, come on in and Enjoy! I promise to entertain. Just remember,
It’s what DjTj Says…

Perseverance – Nightmares of a DJ

There I was sitting in total silence.  I seemed to be on pause as the world continued to move around me.  Think….  Think….  I’ve tried everything, but I can’t seem to restore power.  Besides, I’ve spotted the problem.  The wire is broken and I have no backups.  Better yet I have no way of obtaining one.

You see this was my first parade performing as a DJ.  I had everything all tested out and working perfectly.  This was going to be a breeze.  Until that very moment when Rhianna stopped her song earlier than expected.  I had no time to panic.  Panicking never solves anything anyway.  After failing to rectify the situation all I could do was sit back and accept the harsh reality.  Kind of sucks though.  I was just beginning to gain some confidence in my profession and this has to happen.  May as well face it,  I’ll be laughed at for the entire route and known as the DJ with no sound!  Never mind me, what about those poor students?  This is there first parade as well.  What a way to start things off.  Well let me begin my apology speech and there goes my paycheck!

“Alright DJ let’s get some music…  Come on man where the music at???”  The heckling has begun.  I looked to the crowds, which were in total uproar, then back to the students.  No way!  I’m not gonna be the one to give up.  Think, think….  I know,  call my roommate!  The backup wire is right there on the table where I shouldn’t have left it.  Great at worst we’ll have to suffer until Lee Circle.  Hmm,  there’s a store down the street.  Maybe I can hurry to the store and they’ll have a replacement wire.

Before I could finish that thought I arrived to the store.  Just my luck they had exactly what I needed!  Now I’m back to the scene with a feeling that I’ve saved the day.  I quickly replace the broken wire with the new one and attempt to get the music started again.  Waiting, waiting, still waiting…   OMG!  Why is this not working.   Something else has to be wrong.  What else could it be?  I clearly have power, WAIT!  Do I have power?

My my the sun was shining bright that day.  You see when the sun shines on a light display it can appear to be lit even when its not.  So why don’t I have power because the generator is clearly running?  What do you know,  the surge protector had come unplugged somehow.  This was the problem all along.

Within seconds I’ve plugged in and ready to go!  Whew… how could I have missed such a simple fix? Luckily the parade was starting and stopping so we had only moved about 3 blocks without music.

What seemed like a total disaster was solved without any huge damage at all.   Moral of the story?  Don’t panic, stay calm and check your plugs!



So Jordan’s son wants more attention eh…

Oh give me a break!

Allow me to call this exactly what it is,  a publicity stunt! I mean come on, 16 year old kid in this society driven by social media.  What better way to get more YouTube views?   I bet he just went from 25 to 2500000000000!  If this was really about a father being more in his life then why the lawsuit?  Newsflash, the millions of dollars will not give Mike some type of epiphany to make him come around more.

How about a simple phone call?

Now to Taj’s credit maybe this is a last resort thing.  Maybe he’s reached out to his alleged father and received no response.  If that’s the case then do you, but these things haven’t been mentioned.  All I’m getting here is follow me on my twitter and instagram, which Taj was sure to mention at the end of his Youtube video.

I have an old photo of my mom and Jordan (not really)… hmm, maybe I can get all the new sneakers before they’re released at least!

Oh this just in! Taj Jordan is actually Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds… I mean how many names does this kid have??  Really?
Well at least he got that boost on the social media sites.  These days any publicity is good publicity!  He’s all set!



DjTjsays… A day in the life

I’m on my way to work and suddenly there’s a cloud of smoke!!!!   I can tell you what happened, but it’s better if I showed you….

Let’s take a ride,

Click the link if video isn’t showing…  Stupid computers, websites.. etc.   I’ll speak on that later,  lol

You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.

So you’ve just gotten hired to write the messages for the fortune cookies… Let’s see how this goes..

Here are the fortunes that I have ready to go in the cookies:

-You will be faced with a tough decision today.  It’ll be solved on Twitter

-Your smart phone is smarter than you are.

-You are sad today.  Update your FB status, this will cheer you up.

-That girl that posted a half naked photo on IG meant that just for you.  You should definitely stalk her.

-This fortune was so great.  You should #repost

-When in doubt see if it’s on the internet.  If so, it must be true.


Now you’re in charge!  Tell us our fortunes….



The baddest blog I ever wrote…

“Yo homie that was ill!…  Man that’s a bad fit you got on…  Did you see that dunk?  It was nasty! ” etc.

And so on and so on…  I can go on and on with these quotes that actually are supposed to mean that something was good yet we use negative adjectives to get the point across.  I for one am sick of it folks.  God is good, the devil is bad.  So why are we making everything that’s bad seem good?  And vice versa.

“Oh you’re such a goodie two shoes!”  Here is the classic phrase of calling someone that’s good… BAD!  In essence bad is good, and good is bad.  This has gotten way out of hand!

Think about it?  You’re probably more likely to do something bad out of peer pressure just to fit in than you are something good.  How many times have you heard of someone helping an old lady cross the street just to fit in with the crowd?   I’ll wait…..



That’s an extreme example, but it shows my point.

Starting today it’s time for a change.  We are going to define these terms and use them in the correct way people.  So take this blog and pass it on because everyone needs to get the memo.




morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man.    2.satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree: a good teacher; good health.
3.of high quality; excellent.
4.right; proper; fit: It is good that you are here. His credentials are good.
5.well-behaved: a good child.



1.not good in any manner or degree.
2.having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible:
3.of poor or inferior quality; defective; deficient: a bad diamond; a bad spark plug.
4.inadequate or below standard; not satisfactory for use: bad heating; Living conditions in some areas are very bad.
5.inaccurate, incorrect, or faulty: a bad guess.

Got it?

So for positive things we’re going to use positive adjectives and for negative things we’re going to use negative adjectives.  It’s up to you to enforce this change.  If you catch anyone doing otherwise do not be hesitant to correct them.  Maybe they haven’t gotten the memo.

Share it with them!

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter…




Family support Family

I have many goals both long and short term.  Here’s the one goal that supersedes all of my goals.  This is the one where when I die I hoped to have accomplished the most.  That is, to have made the lives my future generations as easy as possible.  I want businesses, property, money, hell even cars to be passed down the line.  My grandchildren and great grandchildren should not have to worry about any of these things.  All they need to do is figure out how they are going to maintain and grow the pot so to speak.

If everyone had this goal and really strove to meet it… I bet life would be grand!  Although the tendency of greed and jealousy would enter the picture, but that’s where a strong foundation in family values and faith in God play a huge part.

Nowadays I just don’t see the value of family anymore.  In just the short time I’ve been on earth I’ve noticed the rapid decline.. even in my own family.  It’s all about me me me, mine mine mine…  She has more or I gotta keep up with him.  Why?  We’re family it’s for all of us.  Zoom out and look at the overall.  How many of us can say that we grew up in the same house as our grandparents?  Or even parents for that matter.

One of my French professors back in college can say this.  Her family pretty much owns the entire neighborhood she lives in.  Property that’s been in the family for generation after generation.  It really was a great experience visiting her home and seeing my goal accomplished first hand by someone else.

Family support Family.

Certain Asian cultures have the right idea, even though they can be a bit extreme.

As for my family,  I doubt I can fix what has been destroyed… I can definitely start anew and begin a firm foundation.   Good soil, plant the seed, nurture, grow, maintain….  Repeat.


Make sense? Rejection followed by the Inception that caused the deception…

Look at it… So adorable.  If I ever had one I would want one just like it.  Matter of fact this one would be perfect.  Hmm, I wonder if the owner could use a new partner.

Hello? No….  Why?  Because… I have no explanation.  None needed.  Let the past be your answer.

What? It’s quite possible, but things are very motionless.  I’m back from vacation to find that something is gone.  Awake from a 2 year coma and nothing has changed.

Shopping… this looks nice you should buy it.  Buy it?  You think it fits me?  Is it even for sale?

Chaos, Constant destruction.  Don’t let the man with the chainsaw inside unless you want all of the trees to be cut down.

Still water,  no motion.  Quiet seas…  I threw a rock in just to cause some waves…  The rock bounced back and hit me in the face.

I’m still wondering, does the seller no I’m interested?  Is the seller even selling?

I set the yard on fire.  Nothing burned.

Persistence against defense equals struggle followed by battle which is decided by will.

It’s the rejection followed by the inception that caused the deception,

In the end I’m left happily with my social couture.

Make sense?

Almost there…

I’m almost there…

The closer you get to the goal, the harder it is to get there.  The devil will pull out all stops in order to prevent you from succeeding God’s plan for you.  It’ll get to the point where stuff just starts going wrong left and right out of the blue for no reason at all.  Just enough to knock that last bit a strength out of you.

Don’t give up.  Take that punch and fight through.

It seems like I’m at that point.  I’m faced with a new hurdle seems like every other day.  Doesn’t really phase me though.  Once you really know God you’ll learn to really laugh at the devil’s stupidity.  It’s like a vindictive little child kicking and screaming when they don’t get their way.

I will say this,  at this point If you mean me know good… Do yourself a favor and step aside.  Don’t come up to me with a forbidden apple and try to trick me into eating it.  I will not hesitate to proceed in ripping you a new one.  I’ve surrounded myself with equally yoked individuals and will continue to feed off the positive energy that entails.

I started writing this with an intention on self reflection, but so far I feel like I’ve been more of a teacher.  Guess I’m getting to that age, lol

Haven’t been on a rant in awhile,  I’ll find a topic to rant about for my next blog.

Any requests??


Let it Flow

Sometimes I think it’s possible to try too hard or push too much.  Don’t get me wrong if you’re getting results then that statement doesn’t apply.  However, there are times when despite our efforts we don’t gain the results we sought.  I’ve been feeling this more lately.  This isn’t the first time though.  (Classic example of learning from experience)  I’ve learned that sometimes you have to take a step back and let things come to you.  Still put forth an effort mind you, but don’t force it. 

Let it flow. 



Morning thoughts

Good Morning!

Well I’ve been up at 5am sharp every morning to make sure a daily occurrence actually happens on time! I really do feel like the MIB… I can be Agent T or Agent DJ lol… No, but really the very well being of other people’s lives really do rest in my hands at times in my role. Imagine the pressure. One bad keystroke or missed detail and the consequences could be dire.

Since I’m up I thought hey… why not take a quick 10 minutes and blog. I’ve been meaning to get back to writing. It really does help clear your head! Try it sometime.

Well, the world is safe for another few hours now.


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